10 Best SEO tools free 2022

In this Post I’m going to show you not one not two but 10 amazing SEO tools for beginners. let’s take a look okay so here’s the thing I’m sure you must have seen a lot of Posts or less talking about SEO tools but that’s a problem with many of these Posts one these tools are usually too technical and meant for advanced SEO users. I mean everybody knows about SEO but nobody has time to do these crazy at once SEO stuff right we need results and we need it right now so the tools I’m going to talk about is super easy to use and meant for anyone not the advanced level.

the second thing is that most of the tools that usually get mentioned in Posts and lists are usually paid and expensive in India. we all know how price-conscious we are no matter how often the products are we all wanted free so. I made it a point to add only those SEO tools that are either completely free or offer a free version no money involved okay. so without wasting any more time let’s get straight to the point 10 amazing SEO tools that everyone can use.

Oh and by the way it took me a whole day to research on this topic and put this Post together so please share it with your friends if you like it.

10 Best SEO tools free –

#1. Copyscape

First tool it’s called copyscape. this is a must use for anyone new to SEO or blogging basically. what this tool does is that it checks if somebody copy/paste in your content into their website. so let’s say you published a blog post you know that if you copy paste in the content that you publish it on your blog from somewhere else google won’t show it on the search results and it’s basically bad for your website but what if somebody else copied your content this tool helps you check that it scans the entire Internet and tells you if somebody has copied your content and if there’s similar content like your website anywhere on the Internet.


#2. Google PageSpeed insights

 Second tool is called Google PageSpeed insights. this is an official tool from google. that helps you to find out what is wrong with your website it checks if your website is slow and if yes what is making it slow is the team the images or something else it tells you clearly where and what is wrong with your website or blog it is completely free and from google so check it out.


#3. Hemingway App

Third one is Hemingway app this is one of my favorite ones you see when we write content on our websites we all think that it’s amazing rate only when someone reads it they will find the mistakes in it so this tool does just that either you copy/paste your content from where you’re writing like on google Docs or on your blog itself or by typing in this app itself.

why do you type this tool will tell you what are the mistakes in your writing and gives you a score whether your content is good for reading or not it will tell it shows you suggestions to improve also it’s completely free and a must-have tool in every bloggers toolkit.


#4. ahrf

#4. fourth two is called ahrf link check out so you probably already know that the more other websites link to your website the more popular your website gets right so how do we know which website is linking to your blog this tool will tell you this tool will show you all the details about which website is linking to you how did they link whether that link is good or not whether that website is good or not and everything related to links check it out the link from the description.


#5. Woo Rank

The fifth tool is called Woo rank. I like the make this tool is like an x-ray machine for your website just give your website address and this tool will scan your entire website like an x-ray machine and tell you everything about it that is wrong and right even stuff that you didn’t know it will tell you your SEO is correct or not what is wrong how you can fix it which are the top pages etc etc etc amazing tool and totally totally free check it out.


#6. SEMrush SEO Tools

Sixth tool is called SEMrush SEO Tools . so this is a brand new tool in the market here’s what it does let’s say your blog is about fashion and you already know what is trending in the industry because everybody is writing about it now what is the net friend would you know that it would be nice if you can know what is the next trench so that you can start writing about it before it actually becomes a trend right so this is what exactly this tool does it’ll tell you what is the upcoming trend in your industry so that you can be ready try it out it’s absolutely free and easy to use.


#7. SEO Dub

Seventh tool on the list is called SEO Doug do you have any guesses what it is okay so you already know that there are a lot of SEOtools that tracks your website‘s rankings right like for example if you have a keyword the tools will tell you where your website is ranking on google search results this is a usual stuff but the SEO dub tool does something little bit more so not only will it tell you what your current rank is it will also tell you what your future rank will be for your website


#8. Nibbler SEO

Eight one is called nibbler nibbler nibbler is a free SEOtool that gives you a full SEO report of your website and it’s not a normal usual SEO report it will scan your website or the blog and tell you how popular it is how people will like your website what have you done wrong and more it’s so much value I’m telling you because it tells you everything free that some SEO agency usually charges hundreds of dollars for please check it.


#9. Sanity Check

Ninth tool is called sanity check this might sound like a little at once too but no it isn’t hear me out so you probably already know that google has a free product called google search console right no problem if you don’t know it I’ll tell you what so if you add your website to google search console it’ll come with some basic stuff and tell you what is going on with your website like for example which keywords give you most traffic how their basic SEO set up etc but there’s a problem with this googletool it does not give you anything useful or actionable like what do you have to do with all these stuff all this data you have to do a lot of hard work to figure out things now otherwise it’s just a lot of data and numbers this is where a tool like sanity check comes into picture it scans your google search console data and tells you all the useful things like what to do which pages have gone down which pages gone up in traffic and what can you do to make your website better and what change should you make to your content after all that is what we need right what you should do to get the results you need you don’t need those fancy data and all that stuff that’s just PS I love this tool I’m sure you will too please check it out.


#10. Mobile Rank Checker

The 10th one is called mobile rank checker as the name suggests is pretty easy but very very useful you know that google search results are different in every city and every country right that is even if you type in the same search phrase in India and USA the results will be totally different so if you search for let’s say iPhone in India and us a google search results in India will be totally different from that in the USA so as bloggers how will you know if your website is showing on the first page of google in another country or let’s say City by using this tool you can choose the country and even city then give the search phrase and this tool will show you what the search result is in that city or country for that search phrase very very useful let’s say you are a blogger in Delhi and you want to know what the search results are for the search phrase in let’s say Chennai or down south you can use this tool and figure it out it’s totally free.

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