Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam misleads Sajid Khan’s comment calling Gori Nagori ‘dancer’; the filmmaker says ‘main 15 saal ki umra mein Rs 300 mein stage shows karta tha’ – Times of India

The episode of Bigg Boss 16 didn’t only entertain fans with the captaincy task but also with brewing tension between the contestants. In today’s episode, Archana Gautam got shooled by Bigg Boss for changing the context of Sajid Khan’s remark on Gori Nagori and calling her a ‘dancer’. She accuses him of disrespecting her art and calling her a dancer in a derogetory manner. Archana even got into an ugly spat with Sajid Khan and Shiv Thakare over the same.

Bigg Boss calls Archana in the confession room and asked her about her perception over the matter. The politician and actress says that she found Sajid’s sentence for Gori ( you are a dancer of Rajasthan) disrespectful. Moreover, she said that everyone should respect every art and not disrespect it. Bigg Boss schools Archana and tells her that she doesn’t know the matter and hence she should not mislead a single word in the wrong way. He warns her to not talk about cast, profession, religion and other stuff again. However, later Sajid cleared the air and said that he wasn’t demeaning any art and meant to say that he seen all walks of lives as well. “main 15 saal ki umra mein Rs 300 mein stage shows karta tha“ he further added.

Gori, who was initially in a fight with Sajid tells Archana that she is proud of being a dancer and that is her bread and butter. Archana asks her not to be scared of a director and take a stand for herself.

In the episode, the contestants analysed social media sensation and singer Abdu Rozik’s captaincy. Contestants even got a chance to support and oppose Abdu’s candidacy. Moreover, Tina Datta and Archana Gautam got into a heated argument, Priyanka and Ankit’s friendship saw a turn and more.

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