Career Opportunities in Automobile Engineering in India: Scope and Job Role

The Automobile Engineering course is primarily concerned with the management of concept development, appearance, research, manufacturing, operation, and servicing of both on and off-road vehicles. Automobile Engineering is concerned with the design and development of automobiles. With the advent of E-Mobility (e-Bikes, Electric Cars), these graduates with a B.Tech in Automobile Engineering have a plethora of opportunities.

What is the job of an Automotive Engineer?

Automotive Engineers must perform a variety of tasks, some of which are listed below:

  • Using computer-aided design, create new visual renditions of vehicles and their components.
  • Mechanical failures should be monitored and corrected.
  • Assist in the maintenance of machines and equipment.
  • Supervise, inspect, and monitor the operation of mechanical installations, modifications, and purchases in factories or industries.
  • Conduct development practices for various mechanical hydraulic units, systems, and devices.
  • Construction of part prototypes, development of testing processes, and execution of physical and virtual tests

Scope of Automobile Engineering

Aside from the numerous job opportunities available in the automotive industry, Automobile graduates can also pursue additional education to improve their skills and increase their job prospects. The course focuses on the management of concept development, research, appearance, manufacturing, operation, and servicing of both on-road and off-road vehicles.

Automobile engineering is primarily concerned with the design and development of automobiles. The introduction of e-bikes, electric cars, and similar vehicles has created a plethora of opportunities for young graduates who have recently completed their B.Tech in Automobile Engineering.

There are numerous opportunities for all B.Tech graduates, particularly in the automotive sector. Some of them are ;

Automobile Designer

The primary responsibility of a vehicle designer is to design the body, interface, components, and parts of various types of vehicles such as buses, cars, bikes, and so on. Aside from that, the designer is involved in the development of the vehicle’s electrical, mechanical, technical, and safety components.

Automotive Sales Engineer

Automotive sales engineers are experts who have in-depth knowledge of the company’s products and technology.

Career Opportunities in Automobile Engineering

They use this knowledge, as well as their sales and communication skills, to educate general customers about the company’s product and increase sales.

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

This is yet another excellent automobile engineering specialty. Senior production engineers work in factories and manufacturing units, overseeing all aspects of production. They collaborate closely with engineers and the production team to ensure that company objectives are met and that high-quality products are produced on time.

Automotive Service Advisor

After earning your degree in automotive engineering, you can work as an automotive service adviser if you want a flexible job path. A customer-to-automotive technician intermediary is an automotive service counsellor. When bringing a car to a service centre, consumers usually speak with the advisors first as they determine and recommend the proper servicing for your vehicle.

Development Engineers

They work to make existing vehicles more efficient and to create new ones. They are responsible for the validation and certification of car-level testing. They conduct a study and address engineering issues.

Control and Instrumentation Engineer

They are primarily in charge of designing, building, and installing systems to monitor and control engineering systems, machinery, and/or processes related to vehicle operation. They also inspect newly developed or existing hydraulic or electrical systems for compliance with specific standards.

You must have a thorough understanding of your company’s or client’s instrumentation needs, and your job is essentially multidisciplinary, requiring you to coordinate with various departments and people within the company.

Mechanical Engineer

A mechanical engineer is tasked with developing machinery and processes ranging from the smallest components to the largest machinery. They can be involved in any stage of the manufacturing process, from R&D to final installation and commissioning.

Thermal Design Engineer

Thermal design engineers work on the architecture and execution phases of a design, ensuring that the machine remains thermally efficient. They are expected to participate in the design and implementation of thermal solutions, as well as to ensure that there is a minimal power loss and wear and tear on the designed product due to heat emission.

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