Career opportunities in Radiology

Different Types of Radiologists?

1. Diagnostic Radiology: This type of Radiology consists of Radiologists who use different procedures of imaging techniques to identify, diagnose, and treat patients’ diseases. Diagnostic Radiologists provide sub-specialists like Chest Radiology, Paediatric Radiology, Cardio-Vascular Radiology, Musculo-Skeletal Radiology, and so on. These radiologists use techniques like Electromagnetic Radiation, Ultrasound, X-Rays, and Radionuclides. 

2. Interventional Radiology – Interventional Radiology consists of Radiologists who use imaging procedures to therapize people having non-cancerous conditions. This type of Radiology helps in faster recovery and safe surgical procedures to diagnose illness and injuries.

3. Radiation Oncology – This type of radiologist uses radiation-based therapies to treat cancer. 

What is the expected Average Salary of a Radiologist? 

What is the expected Average Salary of a Radiologist? 

The expected average salary of a Radiologist is estimated between 60,000 INR to 1 Lakh INR per month. However, the exact number depends on the qualities, skills, and experience of the Radiologist. 

What does a Radiologist do? 

What does a Radiologist do? 

Radiologists perform several functions in analyzing and diagnosing a patient’s illness. The key duties of a Radiologist are: 
1. Radiologist uses Radiology, a medical treatment that uses a medical imagining technique to diagnose a patient illness. 
2. Preparing reports based on tests recommended by the doctor. 3. Supervising Imaging Techniques and suggesting the type of radiology to be used for the patient. 
4. Providing treatments and recommendations to patients and advocating further testing based on imaging results. 
5. Offering medical advice to physicians and other medical specialists. 

What are the criteria and courses to be a Radiologist?

What are the criteria and courses to be a Radiologist?

Various courses are available at the Certificate, Diploma, UG, PG, and Ph.D. levels for the students to give wings to their careers.
To become a Radiologist, candidates should start preparing for the Radiology Entrance Exam from class 12th onwards to get admission to a Bachelor’s course. Candidates should be having the right combination of subjects to make a career in Radiology in class 12th with a minimum of 50% marks.
Subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are not only a must for being an eligible candidate for the entrance but having the right score in all these subjects is equally important.

Diploma Courses: DMRT or Diploma in Radiology Therapy is one of the popular courses among students in the field of medical sciences for one or two years. The course is a post-graduate course focusing on the several medical techniques implied to fight against various deadly diseases such as cancer. Admission to this course is completely merit-based. After the completion of the course, candidates can earn their livelihood as Radiologists. 

Bachelor Courses: Students get an opportunity to specialize in various fields of Radiology like medical radiology, imaging technology, radiotherapy technology, and others for a 3-year duration. Once a candidate completes graduation, he/she can further continue to study in the field. PG Course helps the candidates to gain more knowledge and better job opportunities in the related field.

MS & MD: However, in order to get admission in the MD and MS Radiology course, one must have pursued MBBS with a minimum qualifying mark and should be having a related internship as well. In this two-year course, candidates get to choose from different specializations such as medical technology radiology, radio-imaging, radiography, radio-diagnosis, etc.

So are you someone who is passionate about studying about X-Rays and Imaging techniques or dreams of having a career in the most demanded specialized area of medical science? Then this course in Radiology is made just for you. Radiology is an advanced medical science field that uses imaging techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of patients. To find more about this career choice, visit to read and find more information on “How to become a Radiologist in India.” 

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