Yashas Gowda, who recently secured first place in the state in the 10th grade and scored a perfect 625 out of 625 marks, has shared his success story. In his own words, “I was hoping to get higher marks, but I am still happy with my achievement. This was possible with the blessings of Nirmalananda Nath Swamiji, and by using good time management skills and studying with devotion.”

Yashas also shared a memory that he used to boost his memory power at the time examination. He would link concepts together, which helped him remember them more easily. He find chanting “Om” three times before studying very helpful to increase his concentration. During breaks, he would play games and talk with friends to refresh his mind.
Meanwhile, many students his age, Yashas doesn’t have a mobile phone addiction. He only uses his phone for talking to someone and he hasn’t played any mobile games. He’s interested in mathematics and hasn’t used any study of the materials beyond what was provided in school. He also has an Instagram account, but hasn’t used it in a year. He does, however, regularly use his school’s WhatsApp group to solve accounting problems sent by his teachers.
Yashas has a desire to pursue a career in computer science after finishing his PUC studies, and plans to take the net and JEE exams.

Story first published: Monday, May 8, 2023, 14:35 [IST]

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