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NEW DELHI: The six member committee constituted by the president of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in August to consider the proposal of “rotational headship” in the institute, has decided to study such system already in effect by various other institutes across the country before submitting its final report.
The first meeting of the committee, held last month on October 12, was attended by all the five members and was chaired by Niti Ayog member Dr VK Paul. During the meeting it was decided to take the feedback from the institutions which have already implemented headship rotation in their institutes including JPIMER, Puducherry, NIMHANS, Bangalore. The meeting also decided to take the opinion of the faculty associations of the institute before taking a final decision.
According to some of the faculty members, the rotational system will give a fair chance to the faculty members to gain administrative experience and apply for administrative posts of any other institute in the future. However, a section of faculty members of the premier institute are against the implementation and feel that this is the way to show the door to the senior members out from the institute by making their juniors “sit over their heads”.
One of the senior faculty members said that instead of working under the leadership of his junior, they would prefer to leave the position and this is what the system wants them to do. Questioning about the performance of such institutes, which have this system in existence, a faculty member asked —have these institutes shown any remarkable improvement as compared to AIIMS and PGI where there is no headship rotation as of now.
There should be a comparison of parameters in the pre and post implementation of headship rotation while deciding to implement this system at well established institutions like AIIMS, Delhi and PGI Chandigarh.
Earlier, the proposal of rotation of headship in the department/centre at AIIMS was discussed in the central institute body (CIB) meeting held on June 16, 2021 under the chairmanship of the union health minister, who is also the president of the institute body, according to an AIIMS notification issued on August 18.
Rotation of Headship after every five years is one of the key recommendations of the M S Valiathan committee which was constituted to suggest measures for improving the functioning of AIIMS during the Congress dispensation in 2006-07. This issue came to the governing body and institute body of AIIMS several times in the past but because of its negative repercussions, it was never implemented, said faculty members of AIIMS.

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