Data Analytics courses offered by IIMs

IIMs are considered as India’s best management schools as per numerous rankings and surveys(NIRF, India Today, Business Today, Financial Times). Since, IIMs are regarded as the top institutions for teaching managerial skills and preparing students to fill the demanding tasks required by today’s multinational corporations, the IIM Selection Criteria is very difficult and competitive.Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), are autonomous and have been registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act offering various MBA, PGP, PGDM, Executive MBA, and Fellowship programmes at the 20 IIMs in India.

Data Analytics

The fourth phase of industrialisation is expected to be greatly influenced by the Indian data analytics market in the future.It will also aid in the creation of several job possibilities.The survey further notes that by 2026, the sector is anticipated to provide over 11 million employment in data analytics.About 1 lakh data analytic jobs are still said to be vacant.

Every industrial specialty focuses on utilising big data and exploiting it to drive critical business and personnel decisions.Businesses across all industries are eager to harness the power that analytics holds.Exploring the power of data and analytics may include enterprises of various sizes.This also suggests that there are numerous chances for new employment creation.It is predicted that there would be more demand than supply for the position of what is data analyst profile in the near future.

In today’s expanding market, data science, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence are the three main themes.The data analytics sector is expanding tremendously as more businesses use data-driven models to simplify their business procedures.As the demand is high and the salary package is highly competitive , data analytic jobs are considered to be promising careers in 2023.

In the highly sought-after sector of data analytics, an MBA in data analysis will have numerous opportunities. This industry offers workers chances for growth and development as well. Getting graduation in MBA in the top lead college IIM will open up vast exposure and jobs for the candidate. They are offering both online and offline classes for the students.

IIMs and their Data Analytics Programmes


IIM Lucknow’s Executive Programme in Data Science offers a cutting-edge curriculum with a focus on the methods and tools for handling, managing, analysing, and understanding data. Involving live online sessions and a three-day on-campus immersion at the IIM Lucknow campus are used to offer this demanding nine-month curriculum. By enrolling in this programme, you can get a solid foundation for applying statistics and other in-demand data science tools and approaches using Excel and R to make practical business decisions.

Data Analytics courses offered by IIMs

Duration: 9 months
Fees structure: Rs.2,05,000
Mode:live online sessions


This program focuses on familiarising participants with the tools and methods for handling, managing, analysing, and interpreting data. The course is designed for working professionals who want to gain practical experience handling and making sense of data. The program’s main emphasis is data management and analysis, and it includes an introduction to a variety of technologies, including Tableau, SPSS Modeler, Oracle SQL, Python, R, @Risk, Arena, Hadoop, etc.Participants who complete the programme successfully will be able to get a strong foundation on advanced quantitative and statistical tools to make a sound data analytics.

Duration: one year with one session of three hours each week
Fees structure : Rs.4,70,000
Mode:Direct to Device (D2D) and campus visit mode


The IIM Rohtak Executive Certificate Program in Data Analytics primarily aims to provide an introduction and advanced data analysis using the widely used spreadsheet programme Microsoft Excel (depth majority coverage), as well as one of the most well-liked and potent open-source statistical and data analytics tool “R” for handling and analysing business analytics data to enable informed and fact-based managerial decision making.

Duration: 5 months
Fees structure: 66,000
Mode: Online session and campus visit


IIM Calcutta offers 2 courses in data analytics:

1) Advanced programme in artificial intelligence powered marketing

Every organisation, especially those in the B2C sector, has the potential to greatly benefit from marketing decisions supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML). Big Data and advanced analytical solutions have made it feasible for marketers to create more precise portraits of their target audiences than ever before. Because of the insights it offers, marketers have begun paying increased attention to AI-powered marketing. In a recent PwC research, 72% of respondents said they saw AI as a “business advantage.”

Duration: 6 months
Fees structure: Rs. 3,84,000
Mode: Online session and campus visit

2) Senior Management Program in Business Analytics

It is a multi-modular, programme, targeted towards senior managers who appreciate how analytics could unleash value for the firm and its consumers.

Data Analytics courses offered by IIMs

Duration: 9 months
Fees structure: Rs. 6,00,000
Mode: Online session and campus visit


IIM Kozhikode will help you to advance your comprehension of analytics. This training will assist you in managing and maximising a company’s data assets, incorporating analytics into choices and procedures, and driving corporate innovation.You will develop a solid foundation in business analytics and be able to make decisions that have a good return on investment thanks to this program’s emphasis on real-world examples, case studies, and practical sessions.

Duration: 10 months
Fees structure: Rs.1,81,500
Mode:Live Online sessions


Big Data, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are the cornerstones of the new field of data science. Managers who oversee data science teams must have a thorough knowledge of the underlying technologies. More significantly, they must be able to convey to stakeholders the strategic advantages of their work.The Programme on Data Science & AI from IIM Bangalore will enable and help managers and other professionals to draw from the frameworks of data science and information systems. It will also guide their organizations along a forward-looking path.

Duration: 9 months
Fees structure: Rs. 6,25,000
Mode: Hybrid mode

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