Drishyam 2 Overseas Box Office: Ajay Devgn starrer crosses USD 1 mil. in overseas; collects USD 1.56 million [Rs. 12.71 cr.] at close of Day 2 :Bollywood Box Office – Bollywood Hungama

The much talked about and keenly anticipated Ajay Devgn starrer Drishyam 2 was released earlier this week on Friday. A sequel to the 2013 release Drishyam, the suspense thriller that also stars Akshaye Khanna, Tabu and Shreya Sara is said to take the story of the Salgaonkar family forward. With immense expectations from the film, Drishyam 2 was expected to take a flying start at the box office. Living up to the same, Drishyam 2 which released across 4150 screens (domestic 3302 screens + overseas 858+ screens) started with a bang in both the domestic and international markets.

Now after its second day in theatres, Drishyam 2 has managed to cross the USD 1 million mark at the overseas box office. Collecting USD 1.56 million [Rs. 12.71 cr.] in just two days of its release, the business of the film seems to be unstoppable. Looking closer, it comes as no surprise with the overseas market of North America (U.S.A + Canada) drawing in USD 386k [Rs. 3.14 cr.] the business of the film saw nearly 55% increase in collections from its opening day. Following this market, is the overseas territory of U.A.E/G.C.C which saw a further USD 243k [Rs. 1.98 cr.] coming in on Day 2, with Australia seeing the film draw in USD 94k [Rs. 0.76 cr.] translating to a 54% increase in collections. If that was not enough, the overseas territory of UK & Ireland as well saw growth in collections with Drishyam 2 drawing in USD 63k [Rs. 0.51 cr.] a roughly 63% increase in business. However, the Rest of the World (RoW) saw a slight dip in business with USD 78k [Rs. 0.64 cr.] coming in on Day 2.

While the stunning business of Drishyam 2 comes as no surprise, the film which enjoys highly favourable trending and positive reviews is expected to see its business grow even further. In fact, trade predictions paint a highly optimistic picture claiming that the business of Drishyam 2 will see immense growth on its third day running and is certain to post equally stunning opening weekend figures.

Drishyam 2 Overseas Box Office Collections at a glance:

Day 1:

North America – USD 249K [Rs. 2.02 cr.]

U.A.E/G.C.C – USD 259K [Rs. 2.11 cr.] (includes paid previews)

UK & Ireland – USD 41K [Rs. 0.33 cr.]

Australia – USD 61K [Rs. 0.50 cr.]

RoW – USD 91K [Rs. 0.74 cr.]

Total Overseas Collections – USD 701K [Rs. 5.71 cr.]

Day 2

North America – USD 386k [Rs. 3.14 cr.]

U.A.E/G.C.C – USD 243k [Rs. 1.98 cr.]

UK & Ireland – USD 63k [Rs. 0.51 cr.]

Australia – USD 94k [Rs. 0.76 cr.]

RoW – USD 78k [Rs. 0.64 cr.]

Total Overseas Collections (Day 1 + 2) – USD 1.56 million [Rs. 12.71 cr.]

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