Elon Musk Twitter New Owner? Will the owners of Twitter change tonight ?

Twitter is reconsidering elon Musk’s offer to buy the platform, according to the Wall Street Journal, which was discussed at two meetings on Sunday. Musk said on Thursday that it was prepared to make the necessary investments.

According to Bloomberg News, Twitter is ready to sell Twitter to elon Musk. The report says that the microblogging site is working on finalizing the terms of the transaction and that an agreement could be reached as early as Monday if the discussion goes smoothly.

Recently, elon Musk offered 43 billion (approximately Rs. 3273.44 billion) to buy Twitter. There was a lot of controversy over this. But now, according to a new report, Twitter is preparing to sign the deal with Musk. Twitter will not accept Musk’s offer of 54 54.20 per share, but the company will try to get a better offer after negotiating with Musk.

Twitter has reconsidered the proposal

According to media reports, Twitter is considering the proposal anew and there is more room for discussion than ever before. Tesla CEO Musk said on Thursday that it had secured about .5 46.5 billion to finance the transaction. In addition, they are considering appealing directly to the company’s shareholders to take over the social media platform.

Was opposed by the board of directors

Recently, the Twitter board adopted a ‘Poison Pill’ strategy to prevent the company from being handed over to Musk. But now, board members have indicated they are ready to negotiate with Musk. This suggests that Musk has foiled this strategy.

Musk currently owns 9.2% of the stock. The journal also reported possible changes to the company after Musk met privately with several of the company’s shareholders on Friday.

Buy to work on Freedom of Speech

Musk had previously cited concerns over freedom of speech as a reason for buying the platform. However, experts in the field say that Musk’s earlier behavior was the opposite. Sources said that Musk not only focused on the fund but also actively created a nurturing environment on his own side with the shareholders through video calls. This can affect the decision of the company.

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