Fans in awe of Pathaan post-credit scene as Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan promise MORE ACTION on the silver screen – Times of India

If you are one of the many people heading to the theatres this weekend to watch Shah Rukh Khan‘s ‘Pathaan’, then you might want to wait on after the credit reel rolls out.
“Wait for the post-credit scene! It’s Fire!” tweeted a fan to give others a heads up for the surprise in store.

Without giving too much away, another fan said, “#Pathaan brought back the joy of watching a true-blue Bollywood film on the big screen for me. That post-credit scene featuring #ShahRukhKhan & #SalmanKhan was a total killerrr!”

Another quipped, “Don’t miss the post-credit scene! Kursi ki petiya baandh ke rakhna.”

Later in the day, several others took to social media to share spoilers about the pos-credit scene that sees Shah Rukh’s Pathaan talking to Salman Khan‘s Tiger. The two actors, who play spies in Bollywood’s new spy universe, discuss their future as their characters. They even ponder handing over their roles to younger stars. What happens next, is best enjoyed on the big screen.

Going by the fan reactions, the two superstars left fans with a feeling a wave of nostalgia as they recreated their Karan-Arjun chemistry on-screen.

‘Pathaan’ opened on Wednesday to massive celebrations, bringing back days of hooting, whistling and dancing in the aisles, in packed single and multi screen theatres across the country and also scattered protests. Given the huge response to the film, which opened in 5,000 screens with big cities, including Delhi-NCR and Mumbai, beginning shows at 6 am and 7 am, Yash Raj Films said it had added a post midnight 12.30 am show across the country beginning tonight.

Besides, 300 more screens were added due to high demand, according to trade analyst Taran Adarsh. The film’s screen count now stands at 8,500 worldwide, he said.

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