Foreign currency worth Rs 11.8 lakh seized from Bangkok-bound passenger at Kolkata airport | Kolkata News – Times of India

KOLKATA: Foreign currency worth Rs 11.8 lakh were seized from a passenger at Kolkata airport in the early hours of Thursday.
The passenger, Bhupendra Singh, was booked on to a flight to Bangkok on a Thai Smile flight that was scheduled to leave Kolkata airport at 2am.
“During frisking, our official detected 4100 USD wrapped by a few notes of Rs 500 INR in his pocket. That alerted our official to search his cabin baggage when they found more foreign currency hidden in a similar fashion,” said an airport official.
The officials found 9900 USD and 6520 Thai baht in the hand bag and alerted customs officials who seized the cash and apprehended the man.
According to RBI rules, passengers flying abroad to all countries other than Iraq, Libya, Iran and the Russian Federation, are allowed to carry foreign currency notes/coins only up to $3000 per visit. Balance amounts can be carried in the form of store value cards, travellers’ cheques or banker’s drafts.

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