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Security and control

Google Cloud Deploy’s security foundations strengthen secure software supply chain practices through delivery flow control and auditability.

Lots of different users interact with a software delivery system, making a variety of decisions. Not all users and decisions carry the same authority, however. Being able to define a delivery pipeline and make updates doesn’t always mean you can create release candidates, for example, nor does being able to promote a release to staging mean you can approve it to production. Modern continuous delivery is full of security and audit considerations. Restricting who can access what, where, and how is necessary to maintain release integrity and safety.

Throughout, Google Cloud Deploy enables fine-grained restriction through IAM, with discrete access control and execution-level security. Google Cloud Deploy also supports deploying to private GKE clusters and  Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Service Controls (currently in Beta) to respect security perimeters. For safeguards against unwanted approvals, you can take advantage of flow management features such as release promotion, rollback, and approvals

Auditing with Google Cloud Deploy works just like it does for other Google Cloud services. Cloud Audit Logs audits user-invoked Google Cloud Deploy activities, providing centralized awareness into who promoted a specific release or made an update to a delivery pipeline. You can also create Google Cloud Deploy pipelines in supported locations to better conform with your business needs.


Great tooling is only part of an effective software delivery strategy — you also need to know what metrics you need to measure, how, and why. By making it easier to measure software delivery performance, Google Cloud Deploy helps teams focus on software delivery optimization and achieve their desired business outcomes.

Google Cloud Deploy collects and makes available built in metrics about delivery pipelines. These include deployment history and success, and also the DORA metric ‘deployment frequency.’

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