How to get loan in Groww App | Groww Credit Line

Groww App is an online investing company that permits financial backers to put resources into common assets and stocks. The company is located in Bangalore, Karnataka in india.

basically Groww has one app that name is Groww App. Groww App is a online invest platform. In Groww App millions of people invest till now. Groww App is trusted by millions of indians. in India uses of Groww App is growing very fast.

Groww App has a very good review in India. It got a 4.5 star rating.

It’s the return value of money to the investor.

Groww App multiple investment methods

It provides multiple investment methods like.

Invest in Stocks

Invest in Futures Options

Invest in US Stocks

Invest in IPO

Invest in FDs

Groww App Stocks





Groww App Mutual Funds.





How to download Groww App | download Groww App

It’s very simple to Download the Groww App.


Go to your play store app and search Groww App you can see a Groww App – Stocks, Demant, Mutual Fund, SIP .

Click on install and download it. 

You can directly Download Groww App Click here

FAQs of Grow App Credit Line you can check it in the grow app also.


In Groww App What is a Credit Line? | Credit Line in Groww App?

One of the best features of Groww App is Credit Line. A line of credit is a reusable all-purpose loan account. It comes with a set (pre-approved) credit limit from which you can withdraw money multiple times to your bank account. You can repay this amount on a monthly basis (EMI), and if you’ve withdrawn only a part of your total limit, you can withdraw more as needed from your available limit. Your limit is reset after you repay your EMIs via AutoPay. Note that your total outstanding loan amount cannot exceed the total limit offered.

How Groww app works ?

How is credit line from Groww App better than personal loans?

A personal loan is an amount of money you can take. It is a one-time withdrawal with repayment spread out over a period of time (from months to years). 

Credit from Groww App gives you the freedom to withdraw more than once from a pre-approved credit limit. This limit is reset after you repay your EMIs via AutoPay.

 There’s more:

 • Interest is charged only on the amount withdrawn, and not on your entire limit. 

• Interest is calculated on a reducing basis, i.e., on the outstanding loan amount only, and not the entire loan amount. 

This means you end up paying much lesser interest than flat simple interest.

How many loans can I take at a time? 

You can take multiple loans at a time. The sum of your outstanding loan amounts cannot exceed your pre-approved credit limit.

Do I need to submit documents to avail credit from Groww App?

No, you don’t have to provide any documents to avail credit from Groww App. Your Credit limit is pre-approved.

Who is Groww App’s lending partner?

Groww App has partnered with IDFC First Bank to provide you a seamless credit line experience. 

Where will I receive the withdrawn amount?

Any amount withdrawn from this credit line will be sent to your verified bank account within 5 minutes. 

How is interest calculated?

• interest is charged only on the withdrawn amount, and not the entire limit amount. 

• It is calculated on reducing interest basis, i.e., on the outstanding loan amount only, and not the entire loan amount.

 • This means you end up paying significantly lesser interest than you would otherwise have to pay if you were paying flat simple interest. 

• For eg. A loan of 1 lakh for 12 months at 12% interest: 

• Interest on reducing method – Rs. 6,620 • Interest on flat simple method – Rs. 12,000

Can I close the loan early? 

Yes, you can pay your entire loan amount and close the loan early without paying any extra charges. The best part? If you close your loan early, you will be charged interest only till the date of closure. That’s right, you won’t be charged interest for the remaining period. So, you’ll end up paying lesser interest.

Do I have to pledge collateral or assets to get a loan from Credit line offered by Groww App?

You do not have to pledge any collateral or assets to get a loan from Credit line offered by Groww App. If you have a pre-approved limit, you can withdraw from it anytime you like.

What are Groww App stocks account opening charges?


Currently, opening a stocks account is completely free on Groww App

This may change in the near future. However, any change in account opening charge will be notified to all our users before implementing that update.

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