Highly Paid Unique Branches in Engineering

“Engineering” has always been one of the most fascinating disciplines in the field of education. The concept of ‘engineering’ has been imbibed in human beings since time immemorial. The Latin words ‘Ingenium’, which means “cleverness,” and ‘Ingeniare’, which means “to contrive, devise,” are the roots of the word engineering.
According to the set definition of “Engineering”:
“Engineering is the innovative application of Science, Mathematical Principles, and Empirical Data to the design, development, building, and maintenance of organizations, machines, materials, devices, systems, processes, and structures. The field of Engineering includes a wide variety of more specialized fields, each of which places a greater emphasis on specific domains of Applied Mathematics, Applied Science, and application kinds.”

Engineering as a subject is very vast in nature that includes many interesting branches which entice students who look up to Engineering as their career. Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering have historically been the four main fields of Engineering. But, as time passes, the emergence of many new and engrossing branches of Engineering has taken place. The most important factor in beginning a career is being paid a living wage. You must find out which branch of engineering pays the most if you want to make the greatest career choice as an engineering student. The highest-paying engineering specialties in India are mentioned below for your information. The branch you choose will determine your destiny because different branches have distinct foci. Some people are already well-known, while others are still acquiring notoriety.

The pay scale is totally based on the area of engineering you work in. Despite this, we must not downplay a person’s potential. No matter the engineering specialty you select, you must make sure you have the required skills and expertise. An applicant with above-average qualifications won’t likely earn a greater remuneration package than one who is a master in their field. So please be careful when selecting the engineering branch in which you want to specialize. Apart from the aforesaid traditional branches of Engineering, let’s look into the different unique branches of Engineering that are widely known to offer a high salary in India:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineer:
The latest trend finds its inclination in offering a handsome package to the selected candidates to the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineers, commonly abbreviated as AIML. There is a huge demand for AIML Engineers as well, in accordance with the present scenario. AIML is often regarded as the ‘Future of Engineering’.

AIML engineering will serve as the cornerstone for combining Humans and Robots. As we know, Artificial intelligence is the ability to deal with human thought, behavior, and emotions and merge them with machines. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that can learn from data without scripting. One of the highest paying and most in-demand engineering disciplines today is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineering, which enables the coexistence of Humans and Computers. AIML-based Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in technology are presently being offered by numerous Educational Institutions around India.

Depending on the level of experience a person has, their pay may change. In India, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engineers are paid according to the following scale:
Fresher: ₹8 LPA
Mid Career: ₹12 LPA
Senior-level: ₹20+ LPA

The top recruiters in India for engineers in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are:

Petroleum Engineer:
Another interesting branch of Engineering is Petroleum Engineering which is well-acclaimed in offering high packages to deserving candidates. Petroleum Engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on processes involved in producing hydrocarbons, such as crude oil or natural gas. A rewarding career in petroleum engineering offers the chance to work and travel abroad while also ensuring resource sustainability and protecting the environment for future generations.

Basically, Petroleum Engineers talk about how petroleum is extracted, how it should be used responsibly, cutting-edge techniques, and potential applications. Petroleum reserves and other related resources will only be available for the next 100 to 200 years, thus it is imperative that we make the best use of what we now have and protect it as much as we can. The need for petroleum engineers is, therefore, stronger than ever, and top resource-based companies as well as a number of governmental organizations are actively seeking recent graduates in the field from all around the world.

The following pay scale is in effect in India for Petroleum Engineers:
Fresher: ₹3 LPA
Mid Career: ₹5 LPA
Senior level: ₹8+ LPA

The top employers in India for Petroleum Engineers are:
Bharath Gas
Natural resources international Ltd.

Software Engineer/IT:
Designing, building, testing, and maintaining software programs fall within the purview of the branch of Computer Science known as Software Engineering. Software Engineers mix their knowledge of programming languages with engineering principles to produce software solutions for end users. So, primarily; a Software Engineer is a person who uses the principles of Software Engineering to design, build, maintain, test, and review computer software.

A computer Science Engineer is in high demand. Every sector and, for the most part, every job responsibility needs the assistance of a Computer Engineer. Every engineering school offers a course in Computer Science Engineering, which is one of the most popular engineering specialties because of the wealth of employment prospects it can create.

Highly Paid Unique Branches in Engineering

In India, computer science engineers are paid according to the following scale:
Fresher: ₹3 LPA
Mid Career: ₹5 LPA
Senior level: ₹10 LPA

Top Recruiters for Computer Science Engineers in India are:

Aerospace Engineer:
The principal area of engineering dealing with the creation of aircraft and spacecraft is Aerospace Engineering. Aeronautical Engineering and Astronautical Engineering are two of its main, overlapping fields. Similar to Mechanical Engineering, Avionics Engineering focuses on the Electronics branch of Aircraft Engineering. The designs are evaluated by aircraft specialists to make sure they follow engineering principles. Aerospace engineers primarily create aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles. Additionally, they create prototypes and test them to ensure that they function as intended.

The Aerospace, Military, Spaceflight, Satellite, and Missile Industries are all in great need of Aerospace Engineers. It is a branch that is highly sought-after in the public sector as well. It is a discipline of engineering that relies heavily on logic and technicality.

Highly Paid Unique Branches in Engineering

Aerospace engineers in India are compensated using the following scale:
Fresher: ₹3 LPA
Mid Career: ₹6 LPA
Senior Level: ₹15 LPA

The best recruiters in India for Aerospace Engineers are:
Indian Air Force
Defence Ministry

Electronics and Communication Engineer:
The conception, design, and testing of electrical devices used in various communication networks is the focus of the engineering discipline known as Electronics and Communication Engineering, or ECE for short. Engineers in Electronics and Communications are crucial to the Broadcasting and Communication Sectors. In the satellite, telecommunications, research and development, information, and broadcast industries, they are in great demand.

Since India’s telecommunications infrastructure is expanding exponentially every day, there is a rising demand for electronics and communication services. With 1.2 billion registered customers, India currently boasts the second-largest subscriber base in the telecom industry.

The following pay scale is enjoyed by Electronics and Communication Engineers in India:
Fresher: ₹2.5 LPA
Mid Career: ₹3 LPA
Senior level: ₹10+ LPA

The top employers in India for Electronics and Communication Engineers are:
Tata electric company
Bajaj Electrical
Wipro lighting corporate

Nuclear Engineer:
The field of Engineering known as Nuclear Engineering focuses on the research and development of nuclear energy and radiation using the concepts of Nuclear Physics. It’s a profession that calls for a high level of accuracy and knowledge. In the chemical, scientific, and defence sectors, there is a great need for Nuclear Engineers. At numerous nuclear power facilities, Nuclear Engineers carry out their tasks.

The management of nuclear power or material is the subject of fresh research by nuclear engineers. To help in the development of preventive measures, they investigate nuclear accidents and analyze the data. Some examine the viability of various nuclear material management and reprocessing techniques.

An Indian Nuclear Engineer makes an average salary of:
Fresher: ₹5 LPA
Mid Career: ₹9 LPA
Senior level: ₹14 LPA

Top Recruiters for Nuclear Engineers in India are:
Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR)
DHIO Research and Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
The Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited.
Uranium Corporation of India
Nuclear Thermal Power Corporation

Big Data Engineer:
Big Data Engineering is a branch of Engineering that works with complicated and huge data sets. The responsibilities of a Big Data Engineer include building, testing, and maintaining enormous data sets. Despite the fact that big data engineering is still a relatively new field, its market demand is growing rapidly.

With a 50% rise in open positions, Big Data was the IT industry’s fastest-growing employment in 2020. Many powerful businesses depend on big data experts to manage their enormous servers and customer data. The advent of cloud computing has boosted the potential for Big Data Engineers.

Highly Paid Unique Branches in Engineering

The pay scale enjoyed by Big Data Engineers in India is as follows:
Fresher: ₹4 LPA
Mid career:₹7 LPA.
Senior level: ₹12 LPA.

Top hiring companies in India for Big Data Engineers are:
Cognizant technology solutions

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