Hugh Laurie joins Tehran for season 3

Hugh Laurie has been added to the cast of the Israeli espionage thriller Tehran. The series was recently renewed for a third season by Apple TV+. The series stars Niv Sultan as an agent of Mossad, Israel’s secret police. 

Tehran depicts the tale of Tamar, a Mossad operative entrusted with penetrating a nuclear plant in the titular city, the capital of Iran. The Mossad decides Tamar is the ideal candidate for the task because she was born in Iran and sends her across enemy lines while posing as Zhila, a Muslim employee of an electric firm. Tamar’s disguise is quickly discovered, and she is forced to socialize in Iran while trying to find a way home. Tamar reconnects with her Iranian ancestry in the process, which makes the spy game much riskier for her.

Throughout two seasons, Tamar interacted with a lot of hazardous characters while trying her best to carry out her responsibilities as a Mossad spy and felt uncomfortable about her dual identity. Due to its exciting action sequences, Tehran has also gained popularity among viewers and raised the production value of the Israeli series.

In Tehran, Hugh Laurie will be playing the part of South African nuclear inspector Eric Peterson. Although we are yet unsure of the direction the plot will go in, Season 3 will also see the comebacks of Sultan, Shaun Toub, and Shila Ommi, as well as the introductions of Sasson Gabai, Bahar Pars, and Phoenix Raei.

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