Kidney donor, recipient cast vote in Bengaluru just 7 days after surgery | Bengaluru News – Times of India

BENGALURU: Anithalakshmi, 35, donated her kidney to her ailing husband, Yogananda, 41, an HR manager in a private company, seven days ago. On the road to recovery in their ward at Manipal Hospitals, Hebbal, the two were present at the polling booth in Anekal at 7am sharp to cast their vote on Wednesday.
“A vote should not be wasted. I have never missed a single poll all these years. When the hospital agreed to make travel arrangements, we were keen to use the facility,” said Yogananda, who was back in his room after voting.
They are among the 16 in-patients of Manipal Hospitals who voted. “We realised that many in-patients are missing out on voting. When we checked with them, we realised how keen they were to vote,” said Karthik Rajagopal, COO, Manipal Hospitals. The hospital’s endeavour to enable its patients to vote was supported by chief electoral officer Manoj Kumar Meena.
The patients’ clinical parameters were checked, and they were taken to voting centres in ambulances. They were taken inside on wheelchairs by volunteers and prioritised in separate queues to make their task easy.
KV Ramamurthy, 84, who had undergone a major surgery at Institute of Nephro Urology in Victoria Hospital earlier this week, came in a car to his polling station in Srinagar to cast his vote and returned to his ward. In Tumakuru, accident victim Sampangiramu, who had been bedridden for four months, came in an ambulance to the polling booth.

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