List of regiments in Indian Army

List of regiments in Indian Army

The origins of the Regiments of Indian Army trace back to the colonial era under the British. The British needed to administer India and required locals to form a force under their command. They established Regiments on the lines of military history, race, and caste, giving each regiment a distinct identity by way of dress, tradition, ceremonies, and regimental pride.

Regiments provide a living example of how Indians, without abandoning their religious belief or ethnic pride can wholeheartedly work together for the good of the country. It is a brotherhood in which Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians try to excel in their service for the good name of their Regiment, Indian Army and the Country.

British Indian Army gave the concept of regimentation.The British Indian Army, which was organised along regional lines, gave rise to the concept of regimentation.It experienced various stages of reform throughout the years, particularly after the East India Company’s control was transferred to the British Government.
However, the regimental system’s fundamental structure was still in place.This included enlisting soldiers from particular areas of the nation and establishing relationships that persisted long after the soldiers retired.

Given the advantages it had accrued over the years, it is interesting that the Indian Army decided to keep the fundamentals of the regimental organisation even after gaining independence.This involves having pride in the histories and accomplishments of each regiment, which have been developed over many years, and in some cases, even centuries.

List of regiments in Indian Army

Battlefield triumphs as well as unique to them traditions and rituals were all part of it. Additionally, the regimental system’s regional organisations built a social framework that enhanced links between members of the family, which was constantly growing.The battalions and the regiment felt a sense of unity as a result. As a result, the esprit de corps, or sense of brotherhood, was fostered-a valuable quality in both peace and war.

There are 27 Infantry Regiments in the Indian Army. Details are as follows:

Regiments Year
Parachute Regiment 1761
Punjab Regiment 1705
Madras Regiment 1758
The Grenadiers 1796
Maratha Light Infantary 1768
Rajasthan Rifles 1817
Rajput Regiment 1798
Jat Regiment 1817
Sikh Regiment 1846
Sikh Light Infantary 1941
Dogra Regiment 1858
Garh Rifles 1901
Kumaon Regiment (including Nag Regiment) 1730
Assam Regiment 1941
Bihar Regiment 1941
Mahar Regiment 1941
Jammu and Kashmir Rifles (including Ladakh Scouts) 1837
Jammu And Kashmir Light Infantary 1948
1 Gorkha Rifles 1815
4 Gorkha Rifles 1857
3 Gorkha Rifles 1815
9 Gorkha Rifles 1817
5 Gorkha Rifles 1858
8 Gorkha Rifles 1836
11 Gorkha Rifles 1948
Rajputana Rifles 1775

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