Mila Kunis to star opposite Michael Keaton in Goodrich

Actor Mila Kunis has been cast in the upcoming comedy film Goodrich, in which she will be starring opposite actor Michael Keaton. The film will revolve around the life of Andy Goodrich, an art dealer played by Keaton. 

Kunis is most likely to play the role of Andy’s pregnant grown daughter Grace. The film’s production is said to start in Los Angeles in April. After years of doing drama films, Goodrich marks Keaton’s return to the comedy genre. 

Goodrich will follow the life of Andy, who is forced to take care of his 9-year-old twins when his second wife leaves him and checks herself into a 90-day rehab program. He resorts to accepting help from his pregnant daughter Grace from his first marriage, to take care of the twins, as he is unaware of the ideas of modern parenting. The film will be set in contemporary Los Angeles. 

Goodrich will be written and directed by Hallie Meyers-Shyer. Keaton will be executive producing along with Amy Pascal. The makers have not yet revealed a release window for the film.

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