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NEW DELHI: External affairs minister S Jaishankar on Friday ripped into Pakistan for its promotion and funding of terrorism, and called foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto a “spokesperson of a terrorism industry”.

During a press conference, held after the conclusion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Council of Foreign Ministers meeting in Goa, Jaishankar also strongly criticised Pakistan for trying to rake up the Kashmir issue and said the only “issue to discuss on Kashmir is when will Pakistan vacate its illegal occupation of PoK”. Top quotes from Jaishankar’s press conference:

  • As a foreign minister of an SCO member state, Bilawal Bhutto was treated accordingly. As a promoter, justifier and spokesperson of a terrorism industry which is the mainstay of Pakistan, his positions were called out and countered including at the SCO meeting itself.
  • Victims of terrorism do not sit together with perpetrators of terrorism to discuss terrorism. Victims of terrorism defend themselves, counter acts of terrorism, they call it out, they delegitimise it and that is exactly what is happening. They come here and preach these hypocritical words (that Pakistan and India should deal with terrorism together) as though we are on the same boat.
  • They are committing acts of terrorism. I don’t want to jump the gun on what happened today (terror attack in J&K’s Rajouri that killed 5 jawans) but we are all feeling equally outraged.
  • On this matter, the terrorism matter, I would say that Pakistan’s credibility is depleting faster than even its Forex reserves.
  • On the China-Pakistan so-called economic corridor, it was made clear that connectivity cannot violate the territorial integrity of sovereign states.
  • Jammu and Kashmir is a part of India and we can hold meetings anywhere we want (on G20 meetings being held in the state and Pakistan’s opposition to it).
  • Pakistan has nothing to do with G20 or J&K or Srinagar.
  • There is only one issue to discuss on Kashmir which is when will Pakistan vacate its illegal occupation of PoK. That is the only issue up for discussion.
  • A country that does terrorism cannot talk about peace in the same breath. Pakistan has no credibility, it can say anything. Terrorism cannot be destiny.
  • Pakistan should wake up and smell the coffee. Article 370 is history, the sooner people realise it, the better.
  • Pakistan is trying to normalise terrorism and India will not allow this. (EAM on Bhutto’s request that tensions should not affect sports)

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