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Organizations that are modernizing with the cloud are increasingly looking for ways to simplify and automate container orchestration with high levels of security, reliability and scalability. GKE Autopilot, which became generally available earlier this year, is a revolutionary mode of operations for managed Kubernetes that makes this possible, reducing the need for hands-on cluster management while delivering a strong security posture and improved resource utilization. (Not familiar with GKE Autopilot yet? Check out the Autopilot breakout session at Google Cloud Next ‘21, which gives a rundown of everything this new Kubernetes platform can do.)

One of the great advantages of GKE Autopilot is that despite being a fully managed Kubernetes platform that provides you with a hands-off approach to nodes, it still supports the ability to run node agents using DaemonSets. This allows you to do actions like collect node-level metrics without needing to run a sidecar in every Pod. While some administrative-level functionality like privileged pods is restricted in Autopilot for regular user pods, we have worked with our partners to bring some of the most popular solutions to Autopilot, granting additional privileges when needed. This lets you run these popular products on Autopilot without modification, and still take full advantage of our fully managed platform.

Building on partnerships with leading ISVs in observability, security, CI/CD, and configuration management, this represents a differentiated approach to running partner tooling. Compared with other clouds and competitive platforms, GKE Autopilot does not require intensive reconfiguration (such as the use of sidecar containers) for many partner solutions. As such, today we are pleased to share the following partner solutions that are compatible with GKE Autopilot, and operate in a uniform manner across GKE:

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