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The Siddharth Anand-directed film Pathaan was released on January 25, to a thunderous response from the audience. Starring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham the Yash Raj Films venture has lived up to trade expectations. In fact, despite facing turbulence in the run-up to its release Pathaan, the film has a wide release across 2500 screens overseas.

After drawing in USD 4.5 million [Rs. 36.68 cr.] on its opening day, reports state that the business of Pathaan has been holding steady. On its second day running, Pathaan managed to draw in a further USD 3.80 million [Rs. 30.97 cr.] at the overseas box office. Not surprisingly, the overseas territory of U.A.E/G.C.C leads with collections pegged at USD 1,470,000 [Rs. 11.98 cr.] with the U.S.A. coming in as the second highest grossing overseas market with collections of USD 733,238 [Rs. 5.97 cr.] coming from 599 screens. Following these two major overseas markets are territories like Australia, Canada, and the U.K. which saw Pathaan perform rather well at the box office, with USD 476,323 [Rs. 3.88 cr.] from, 105 screens, USD 378,027 [Rs. 3.08 cr.] from 60 screens, and USD 286,830 [Rs. 2.33 cr.] from 213 screens coming in respectively. While the territory of New Zealand comparatively saw a lower rate of collections with USD 61,108 [Rs. 49.81 lakhs] coming in from 38 screens.

While the collections of the film may have taken a dip, trade predictions state that the business of Pathaan in the overseas markets will see an increase over its first Saturday and Sunday running. As of now, thanks to the positive reviews and appreciative audience feedback the film continues its box office march.

Pathaan Day 2 Overseas Box Office at a glance:
U.A.E/G.C.C: USD 1,470,000 [Rs. 11.98 cr.]
U.S.A: USD 733,238 [Rs. 5.97 crore] from 599 screens
Australia: USD 476,323 [Rs. 3.88 crore] from 105 screens
Canada: USD 378,027 [Rs. 3.08 crore] from 60 screens
U.K: USD 286,830 [Rs. 2.33 crore] from 213 screens
New Zealand: USD 61,108 [Rs. 49.81 lacs] from 38 screens
Total: USD 3.8 million [Rs. 30.97 cr.]

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