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Adobe has updated the Photoshop app on the iPadOS with new tools. These are the Smudge and Sponge tools, that the tools available only with the desktop version till now.
With Smudge, you can blend colours into images, and as per Adobe, the tool will allow users to simulate painting in real life. It also comes with an effect for running a finger through wet paint. The Sponge tool can be used to saturate or desaturate different areas on a picture to get the desired colour shades. Users can try out both the tools by going to the Adjustments tool icon. Adobe has also recommended to use the Apple Pencil with the Photoshop app.
There are other new tools also. These include the ones that let you adjust the white balance of Camera Raw images. Labels for tool icons have also been added. These can be seen when hovering over each tool.
Some of the features already available with the iPad Photoshop app are spot healing, clone and healing brush to fix the flaws in your images. With layer stack and toolbar tools, the app makes it possible to edit raw photos.Users can combine photos and graphics with layers. Features like Object Selection and Select Subject allow users to combine and improve your images further. With these, users can extract an object from the image background and then change the colour and tone of that as desired.

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