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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday unveiled the logo, theme and website of India’s G20 presidency in New Delhi. The G20 logo draws inspiration from the vibrant colours of India’s national flag – saffron, white and green, and blue. It juxtaposes planet Earth with the lotus, India’s national flower that reflects growth amid challenges. The Earth reflects India’s pro-planet approach to life, one in perfect harmony with nature. Below the G20 logo is ‘Bharat’, written in the Devanagari script.

According to a PMO statement, the logo draws upon elements contained in various entries received during an open competition for the logo design. The contest organized on MyGov portal received an enthusiastic response with over 2,000 submissions. This is in line with Prime Minister’s vision of Jan Bhagidari during India’s G20 Presidency, the statement said.

The theme of India’s G20 Presidency – ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ or ‘One Earth One Family One Future’ – is drawn from the ancient Sanskrit text of the Maha Upanishad. Essentially, the theme affirms the value of all life – human, animal, plant, and microorganisms – and their interconnectedness on the planet Earth and in the wider universe, it said.

The theme also spotlights LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment), with its associated, environmentally sustainable and responsible choices, both at the level of individual lifestyles as well as national development, leading to globally transformative actions resulting in a cleaner, greener and bluer future.

The logo and the theme together convey a powerful message of India’s G20 Presidency, which is of striving for just and equitable growth for all in the world, as it navigates through these turbulent times, in a sustainable, holistic, responsible, and inclusive manner. They represent a uniquely Indian approach to our G20 Presidency, of living in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem, it stated.

For India, the G20 Presidency also marks the beginning of ‘Amritkaal’, the 25-year period beginning from the 75th anniversary of its Independence on 15 August 2022, leading up to the centenary, towards a futuristic, prosperous, inclusive and developed society, distinguished by a human-centric approach at its core, the PMO said.

G20 website

The website of India’s G20 Presidency launched by the Prime Minister will seamlessly migrate to the G20 Presidency website on 1 December 2022, the day India takes over the G20 Presidency. In addition to substantive information about G20 and logistics arrangements, the website would also be used to build and serve as a repository of information on G20. The website includes a section for citizens to submit their suggestions.

G20 App

In addition to the website, a mobile app ‘G20 India’ has been released on both Android and iOS platforms.

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