Preparation tips and Strategy to crack the NIFT entrance examination 2023

The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) was established on a national scale to provide education to young people who wish to excel in the fashion design field. NIFT has established 17 centres across the country to disseminate this technology to a large number of interested students. All of these courses are available in both undergraduate and graduate programmes. Undergraduate courses last four years, while postgraduate programmes last two years.

Courses in NIFT

NIFT offers six types of UG courses: accessory design, knitwear design, fashion communication, leather design, fashion design, and textile design.
There are PG courses in Design, Fashion, Management, and Technology.

NIFT has long been a favourite destination for impeccable designers, creative managers, and tech-savvy fashion professionals, as well as not only the leading core companies in the fashion industry, but also leading technology, FMCG, media, journalism, consulting, and other companies.

NIFT 2023 will be held in computer-based mode on February 5, 2023. To prepare well for the entrance exam, candidates must thoroughly understand the NIFT exam pattern and syllabus. The NIFT entrance exam consists of three rounds: a written test, a situation test, and a personal interview.Qualifying candidates will be offered admission to the National Institute of Fashion Technology’s 16 campuses.

Here are some NIFT preparation tips, which you can get through to crack the examination with flying colours

Creative ability and imagination

Candidates’ creativity and inventiveness will be tested by NIFT.
The ability to be creative can be developed via inner reflection, passions, and exposure to other people’s creative ideas; it cannot be forced.

 tips to crack NIFT entrance examination 2023

Your ability to observe will therefore aid in the creation of a novel idea in this case. Aspirants must therefore sharpen their observing skills.

NIFT Exam pattern

Understanding the NIFT 2023 exam pattern is crucial for understanding the specifics of the admission test. The NIFT 2023 test pattern contains the maximum score, the exam style, the question structure, and many other things.

Practice drawing

To save time, sketch lightly at first, outlining the main concepts without going into too much detail. Use appropriate supplies to practice sketching.

Improve the speed

Gain more speed. Your exceptional creative talent and inventiveness are useless if you can’t move rapidly. The main goal is to demonstrate your creativity and originality in a condensed amount of time. Make sure you can complete tasks without feeling anxious because anxiety makes you less efficient.

Sharpen Your Observational & Visualizational Skills

When answering the NIFT Question Paper, your creativity, observation, and visualisation skills will come in handy. Develop your imagination and imagery abilities in addition to effective drawing techniques.

Practice Question Papers

Working through the NIFT Question Papers from the previous year will give you a better understanding of the level of difficulty and the kinds of questions that will be asked during the exam. It is also the greatest technique to understand the exam format.

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