Quiz Questions On G-20 Summit

The G-20 Summit aims to improve international economic ties between industrialised and developing countries through collaborative efforts. The primary areas of attention are the revival and restoration of the global economy, the promotion of financial stability, and the reinforcement of measures to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals.

The quiz questions are designed to increase your understanding of the G-20’s importance in fostering peace, harmony, progress, and development. These scoring questions can help you in the preparation of several competitive exams. Note: Answers to the questions are mentioned after every five questions.

1. Which year was the G-20 Summit first held?

  • A- 1997
  • B- 2001
  • C- 2003
  • D- 2008

2. Which country hosted the first G-20 Summit?

  • A- Canada
  • B- United States
  • C- United Kingdom
  • D- Germany

3. Which of the following is not a member of the G-20?

  • A- Brazil
  • B- China
  • C- Switzerland
  • D- Australia

4. Which of the following is not an objective of the G-20 Summit?

  • A- Promoting global economic growth
  • B- Enhancing financial regulation
  • C- Improving international trade relations
  • D- Promoting religious harmony

5. How often is the G-20 Summit held?

  • A- Annually
  • B- Biennially
  • C- Triennially
  • D- Quadrennially

Answers to Questions number 1 to 5:

  • Answer 1: 2008
  • Answer 2: United States
  • Answer 3: Switzerland
  • Answer 4: Promoting religious harmony
  • Answer 5: Annually

Quiz Questions On G-20 Summit

6. Which country is scheduled to host the 2022 G-20 Summit?

  • A- India
  • B- Italy
  • C- Saudi Arabia
  • D- Japan

7. How many countries are members of the G-20?

8. Who represents India at the G-20 Summit?

  • A- Prime Minister
  • B- President
  • C- Foreign Minister
  • D- Finance Minister

9. Which of the following is a key theme for the G-20 Summit in 2023?

  • A- Empowering women and youth
  • B- Promoting sustainable agriculture
  • C- Addressing climate change
  • D- Improving public health

10. What is the official language of the G-20 Summit?

  • A- English
  • B- French
  • C- Spanish
  • D- All of the above

Answers to Questions number 6 to 10

  • Answer 6: Italy
  • Answer 7: 21
  • Answer 8: Prime Minister
  • Answer 9: Addressing climate change
  • Answer 10: All of the above (The official languages of the G-20 Summit are English, French, and Spanish.)

Quiz Questions On G-20 Summit

11. Which G-20 member country is the largest economy in the world in terms of GDP?

  • A- United States
  • B- China
  • C- Germany
  • D- Japan

12. The G-20 consists of how many continents?

13. In which city was the 2021 G-20 Summit held?

  • A- Riyadh
  • B- Tokyo
  • C- Buenos Aires
  • D- Rome

14. Which of the following organisations is not affiliated with the G-20?

  • A- International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • B- World Trade Organization (WTO)
  • C- World Bank
  • D- United Nations (UN)

15. Which G-20 member country is the only one from South America?

  • A- Argentina
  • B- Brazil
  • C- Mexico
  • D- South Africa

Answers to Questions number 11 to 15

  • Answer 11: China
  • Answer 12: 3 (The G-20 consists of countries from Asia, Europe, and North America.)
  • Answer 13: Riyadh
  • Answer 14: United Nations (UN)
  • Answer 15: Argentina

Quiz Questions On G-20 Summit

16. What is the G-20’s stance on protectionism?

  • A- It promotes protectionist policies
  • B- It opposes protectionist policies
  • C- It is neutral on protectionism
  • D- It has no official stance on protectionism

17. Which country hosted the first-ever virtual G-20 Summit in 2020?

  • A- Saudi Arabia
  • B- Japan
  • C- Australia
  • D- Canada

18. Which of the following topics is not a focus area of the G-20?

  • A- Energy
  • B- Digitalization
  • C- Education
  • D- Terrorism

19. What is the G-20’s main objective in the area of climate change?

  • A- To reduce carbon emissions to zero
  • B- To promote renewable energy
  • C- To promote sustainable economic growth
  • D- To protect biodiversity

20. Which of the following statements is true about the G20 summit?

  • A- It is attended only by the member countries and representative from European Central Bank
  • B- Besides member countries, other international organisations are invited to participate
  • C- All the summits are conducted by World Bank and International Monetary Fund
  • D- Only select member countries meet every year and it is decided by lottery

Answers to Questions number 16 to 20

Answer 16: It opposes protectionist policies
Answer 17: Saudi Arabia
Answer 18: Education
Answer 19: To promote sustainable economic growth
Answer 20: Besides member countries, other international organisations are invited to participate.

Scoring Questions on G20 Summit

Now it’s time to score on the quiz related to G20. Let’s see how much you score here out of 10 marks.

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