‘Remission by Bihar government in teeth of Supreme Court judgments’ | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: In her petition filed before the Supreme Court challenging the release of life convict Anand Mohan in the murder case of IAS officer G Krishnaiah, the ex-DM’s widow said, “In the present case, the convict is a politically influential person and has committed the murder of G Krishnaiah, a serving IAS officer, while himself being an MLA. He enjoys political support and has several criminal cases pending against him. He was sentenced to death on October 5, 2007, by the trial court for Krishnaiah’s murder. On appeal, the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment by the HC on December 10, 2008, and it was confirmed by SC on July 10, 2012.”
She added that life term given to a convict as a substitute for death sentence must be viewed differently and segregated from the life imprisonment given as the punishment of first choice. “Life imprisonment when awarded as a substitute for death penalty has to be carried out strictly as directed by the court and would be beyond application of remission,” she argued.
“Imprisonment for life means full natural course of life and can’t be mechanically interpreted to be 14 years in jail. It means that the imprisonment lasts until the last breath of the convict. Therefore, the grant of remission by the Bihar government by its April 24 order is in the teeth of judgments of the SC,” she said.

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