Sanjeev Jeeva murder: Accused never saw gangster before, was going to get Rs 20 Lakh for ‘assignment’

Image Source : PTI Accused Vijay Yadav

Sanjeev Jeeva murder: In the latest revelations in the Lucknow court shooting case when Sanjeev Maheshwari alias Jeeva was shot dead, sources are claiming that accused Vijay Yadav during interrogation revealed many important facts. Sanjeev Jeeva, who was known to be close to gangster Mukhtar Ansari was on Wednesday killed inside Lucknow court.

The autopsy report revealed at least 8 bullets were fired at him resulting in 16 entry and exit bullet wounds. The gangster’s last rites were performed on Thursday.  

Vijay Yadav, accused of killing Sanjeev Jeeva, has told the police that he was promised Rs 20 lakh for Jeeva’s murder. He had received Rs 5,000 in advance and the rest of the amount was to be paid after the ‘assignment’, sources said.

According to sources, Vijay Yadav did not recognize Jeeva. He was given Jeeva’s photo. The police suspect that some of Jeeva’s close relatives are also involved in getting Jeeva murdered. It was these close friends who did not allow Jeeva to wear a bulletproof jacket citing the summer heat. Jeeva used to wear a bulletproof jacket when he used to appear in court. 

Vijay was in Mumbai, when Vijay was called to Jaunpur and he was given the contract to kill Jeeva. Vijay went to Bahraich from Jaunpur It is said that he was provided with a Czech-made revolver in Bahraich itself, sources said.

‘Jiva’s last rites were performed on June 8’

The last rites of Sanjeev Jeeva was performed on Thursday, June 8, the Uttar Pradesh government told the Supreme Court. His wife Payal Maheshwari was not allowed to attend the last funeral of gangster Jeeva. Te family was informed that his wife would not be arrested. Still she was not present there. The gangster’s son performed his last rites. 

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