Scope and career opportunities in Journalism 2023

After earning a degree in journalism, one can embark on a career path that is both captivating and fruitful, with seemingly limitless opportunities. This is a remarkable profession that contributes to a healthy democracy by bringing the truth to the people of the country.

Journalism careers have a broad scope; they can be assigned to cover the effects of global warming on the Earth, any crime that occurs, or any red-carpet Bollywood event. They can also write critically about political conflicts, economic issues, or any current events in our country. You can work for a reputable media organisation, electronic journalism, or an online publication on various beats.
Since our country is so diverse, there will always be something new and something fresh that needs to be communicated to the general public through various formats and means.

There are several occupations available besides becoming a reporter.
With a degree in journalism, you can build a foundation of practical abilities that will enable you to handle alternative career paths. This article will walk you through the various fields of journalism after earning a degree in it.

Career opportunities after pursuing a degree in Journalism

Public Relations Professional

Public relations professionals are in charge of using a variety of communication techniques to promote a company’s name, reputation, and goods to a specific audience. When a consumer has a question, complaint, or problem, the PR professional at the business is frequently the first point of contact. Public relations professionals should be able to listen to client feedback and convey it to their company clearly and concisely.

Content Writer

There are many places where content writers can be located, including in-house, outsourcing firms, freelance services, and homes. The task of writing product descriptions, articles, blogs, and newsletters falls to content writers. One needs to have a strong grasp of the language and stay current on industry trends to generate quality content.


Journalism entails delivering genuine, unbiased news to the public based on extensive research and documentation. A journalist’s job description includes covering any event in a specific area, gathering facts and related information, and delivering it to the public through printed and digital media.

Scope and career opportunities in Journalism 2023

The journalism degree equips students with all of the necessary journalism skills and knowledge, allowing them to effectively communicate the truth to the public.

Film and television director/producer

The post-pandemic era increased media consumption, creating a growing demand for creative producers and directors in the entertainment industry. You can enter the media world and pursue a variety of careers such as television and film directors and producers. This is the profile for you if you have a talent for entertaining people through film. Professionals with this degree can work as scriptwriters, video editors, 3D designers, graphics and animation creators, and others in addition to producers and directors.

Social media management

This is a popular career choice among young people.
Social media associates or managers are typically known as the company’s spokespersons. They do everything they can to increase interest in the company’s work by creating an appealing social media presence and gaining relevance among social influencers. They are also familiar with surveying engagement criteria for posts and working on the company’s image. The social media associate, like a reporter, works under strict deadlines.

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