Scope and Significance of Food Technology in India 2023

Food has become a lucrative industry due to the opportunities for value addition it provides, as the food processing industry has been identified as a high-priority area in India. To achieve the expected returns on investment through a good quality and appropriate value addition, the use of technology has become critical, resulting in an unprecedented demand for scientists, technologists, and other professionals who can effectively manage the emerging challenges of the food processing industry.

Professionals and trained personnel play a huge role in the food industry as well as in various R&D areas of food Science and technology.

In today’s India, the importance of food science and the food industry has greatly increased. India is primarily an agricultural country. It is self-sufficient in terms of production or agricultural yield. India is the world’s second-largest producer of fruits and vegetables. However, due to gross inadequacy in food processing, lack of proper transportation and storage facilities, and other factors, farmers do not receive fair compensation for their efforts.

The hope of today’s India is in the Food Technologist, who can multiply the value of our agricultural yield and in other food sectors by a factor of a hundred. This is why our government is concentrating to improve this industry and as a result the number of career opportunities in the field also got enhanced.

Food Technology

The application of food science to the production and preservation of food products is known as food technology. The chemical, physical, and microbiological composition of the food are studied by food technologists. The food is prepared, preserved, packaged, and kept following the guidelines set forth by the business and the government. Foods that are wholesome and safe to eat are now produced due to the advancements in food technology.

Numerous and different types of food items are produced by food processing businesses. They include staples like rice and wheat products, as well as sugar, oil, and legumes. They go through various procesess to become edible which are all done by the resources in food technology.

Taking studies in food technology can be a beneficial career move. In India, the range of food technology courses is expanding.

Scope and Significance of Food Technology in India

Some of the top institutes that provide Food Technology Courses in India are;

1) Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
2) Anna University
3) National Institute of Technology Rourkela
4) Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
5) Jadavpur University
6) Institute of Chemical Technology
7) SRM Institute of Science and Technology
8) Chandigarh University
9) Amity University Noida
10) Lovely Professional

Job Prospects

Food technology professionals can find work in a variety of profiles and industries, including:

1) Food Research Laboratories
2) Retailers
3) Food Inspector
4) Managers and Accountants
5) Restaurants
6) Food Handler
7) Research Scientists
8) Organic Chemists
9) Food Processing Companies
10) Packaging Industries

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