Serbia: 8 killed, 10 injured in another mass killing after deadly school shooting

Image Source : PIXABAY Serbia: 8 killed, 10 injured in another mass killing after deadly school shooting

Serbia: At least 8 people were killed and 10 wounded in a drive-by shooting in a town close to Belgrade on Thursday. The country witnessed an unfortunate second mass killing in two days. As per the sources, the 21-year-old attacker used an automatic weapon to shoot at people near Mladenovc and fled after the horrific attack. 

As per AFP, the heavy police force has been deployed and helicopters were flying over the area. Eight people were killed and 10 injured in a shooting near a Serbian town about 60 kilometres south of capital Belgrade, local media report. The shooting occurred near Mladenovac as the attacker opened fire with an automatic weapon from a moving vehicle and fled. Police are searching for the attacker.

The police are looking for the suspect and have not issued any statements

Deadly School Shooting 

Earlier on Wednesday, a 13-year-old boy used his father’s guns in a school shooting rampage that killed eight of his schoolmates and a school guard in Belgrade. Dozens of Serbian students paid homage to peers killed in the incident. 

Serbian media had reported that the guard was killed in the shooting. The police gave no other details. Reports said terrified parents had arrived at the school trying to find their children.

Local media footage from the scene showed commotion outside the school as police removed the suspect, whose head was covered as officers led him to a car parked in the street.

Mass shootings in Serbia are extremely rare. Experts, however, have repeatedly warned of the number of weapons left over in the country after the wars of the 1990s.

Police sealed off the blocks around the Vladislav Ribnikar school, in the center of Belgrade. Primary schools in Serbia have eight grades.

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