Tips to Prepare for MAT Exam 2023

AIMA administers the MAT (Management Aptitude Test) to assist B-Schools in screening candidates for admission to management programmes. MAT preparation, as a speed-based test, necessitates both hard and smart work. Because the exam is of easy to moderate difficulty, the only thing you need to concentrate on during MAT preparation is speed and accuracy in answering questions. Even though MAT is a popular choice among students for admission to Tier 2 and private MBA programmes, candidates must score in the 90-95 percentile.

In other words, the test places more value on a candidate’s intelligence, ability, and talent than on how well they can use computers or internet devices. Each year, a large number of students register for this exam to get into the business schools of their dreams, where they can begin a lucrative management career.

MAT Exam Strategy

The MAT exam paper is divided into three sections: concept-driven, practice-intensive, and environmentally sensitive. Mathematical Skills and select areas of Language Comprehension are concept-driven, with questions critical on the test-conceptual taker’s clarity concerning core fundamentals; Intelligence & Critical Reasoning, Data Analysis & Sufficiency, and select areas of English Language Proficiency are practice-intensive; Indian & Global Environment is environment-sensitive, with an awareness of current affairs being the winning stroke.

To pass with a high score, the best preparation strategy is required. To do well in this examination, candidates should follow the advice of toppers and experts. So, here are some effective MAT 2023 preparation tips to score well in the exam.

Tips for MAT Exam Preparation

Understand the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Candidates must understand the MAT 2023 exam pattern and syllabus to properly plan their preparation. It is a critical step that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of how to pass the exam.

Gather the Appropriate Study Material

Students who attend coaching classes have access to section-specific preparation materials. You should not be concerned because there are numerous good books available in the market or on the internet. Choose the best MAT prep books, and remember to buy a book that includes all previous years’ papers.

Make Short Notes

Make short handwritten notes for each section to help you memorise the entire syllabus in less time. It aids in effectively remembering the entire section. Short notes can be prepared using flow charts and coloured pens.

Tips to Prepare for MAT Exam

It will also help you clear up any questions you have about specific topics. It’s also important to cover the entire syllabus in as little time as possible.

Attend Mock Tests

After competing for the syllabus, you must take mock tests regularly. It assists in analysing your level of preparation as well as identifying your strong and weak sections. Analyze your mock test score and plan your next steps by devoting more time to weaker sections. It will help you score higher on the final exam.

Make a study schedule

After reviewing the MAT exam pattern and syllabus, you should establish an effective study routine. The study plan must be efficient and flexible, covering all areas. Take short breaks when you first begin studying to refresh your mind and give you more energy to learn more effectively.

Time Management

According to the MAT exam pattern, there will be 200 questions to answer in 2 hours and 30 minutes. Candidates will have 0.75 seconds to read and answer each question. So hone the time management skills you learned while taking MAT practice tests. You are not required to answer all of the questions. Because the MAT has negative markings, don’t waste your time on questions you’re not sure you can answer correctly.

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