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Having the ability to access corporate resources and information remotely and securely has been crucial for countless organizations during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, many employees may agree that this process is not always seamless, especially if they were blocked from getting to an app or a resource they should be able to access. Adding to this frustration is the challenge of getting in touch with IT support to figure out what was happening and why, which can be even more difficult in a remote environment.

Our aim with BeyondCorp Enterprise, Google Cloud’s zero trust access solution, is to provide a frictionless experience for users and admins, and today, we are happy to announce that Policy Troubleshooter for BeyondCorp Enterprise is now generally available, providing support for administrators to triage blocked access events and easily unblock users. 

BeyondCorp Enterprise provides users with simple and secure access to applications across clouds and across devices. Administrators are able to configure and apply granular rules to manage access to sensitive corporate resources. While these policies define how trust is established and maintained as part of the zero trust model, sometimes the layering of rules can make it difficult for end-users to understand why access to an application or resource may fail.

Administrators can enable this feature to generate a troubleshooting URL per Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP) resource in real-time for denied events. End-users who find themselves blocked will see a “Troubleshooter URL”  which can be copied and sent to the administrator via email, who can quickly use the information to diagnose the error and identify why access requests fail.

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