Why is Wankhede Madam’s Academy the Most trusted and result-oriented NEET Academy?

Providing valuable tips to crack the medical entrance examination ‘NEET’, Mrs Anita Wankhede, Director of Wankhede Madam’s Academy, near Aath Rasta Square, Laxmi Nagar said, “Students should remember that there are no shortcuts to success. Hard work, focused approach and consistency in study are some of the ways to obtain best score in the medical entrance examination”.

Wankhede Madam further said that the students must be self motivated, confident and should have that burning desire within their minds to become a Doctor. They must be mentally prepared to put in extra hours dedicate time towards self study. At our academy students are selected through an entrance examination. We evaluate all the students and tell them the fact, if they have the desired caliber to crack the NEET exam,” she said.

Wankhede Madam’s Academy was established in 2008 to provide quality education and produced State and All India rankers by providing personalized attention to each student. Anita Wankhede a MSc, MPhil (Phy) Gold Medalist, has been a meritorious student throughout her early education. The passion to offer quality education made her open the academy.

Most trusted and result-oriented NEET Academy

Today the academy is one of the top ranked coaching institutes for NEET entrance examination in Maharashtra. There are highly experienced faculty members to look after the subjects and library facilities are available for the students for their self study.

Today the academy boasts of having the highest % rate of MBBS admissions. About 30 per cent of the students in a batch take admissions in medical colleges or they are qualified for admissions to Medical colleges in India.

Most trusted and result-oriented NEET Academy

Wankhede Madam’s Academy is a renowned institute in India, which has helped countless students achieve their educational dreams. Every year, Wankhede Madam’s Academy selects more than 150 students for admission to top colleges across the country for Medical Studies.

Most trusted and result-oriented NEET Academy

The Academy provides comprehensive guidance to its students, helping them to prepare for competitive exams and secure admissions in their desired college. Moreover, the academy also provides career counseling and job guidance to its students. With its experienced faculty
and modern teaching methods, Wankhede Madam’s Academy has become one of the most sought after institutes in India for aspiring students.

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