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Twitter is rolling out a new feature, “unmentioning”, to all its users. As the name suggests, the new feature will allow users to unmention themselves from a thread, leaving that conversation for once and all. The feature will be available for every user no matter what platform they are using.

Using the new feature, Twitter users can choose if they want to be a part of the conversation or not, which was not possible earlier. The “unmentioning” feature allows users to unlink their handle from the thread. Users unmentioning themselves from would disable any future notifications, and other users would not be able to reply to them in the thread. Moreover, no one will be able to tag them again in future in the thread they disliked them from.
None of your Twitter peers will know that you left the conversation
To umention themselves from a thread, users will have to select the three-dot menu top-left corner of the tweet, then choose the “Leave this conversation” option. Upon selecting the option, users will get a prompt to confirm their choice or keep it as it is. Also, no one else in the thread will be notified about you leaving the conversation.
The “unmentioning” feature has been under development for a year now. It went into testing earlier this year in April with a small batch of users, and now it has finally been made available to everyone. Twitter also recently rolled out the “limit reply” feature and has been working on the “safety mode” with 50 percent of its user base.

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